Advisers Favour ‘Critical Illness’ Terminology


Should 'Trauma Insurance' become universally known as 'Critial Illness Insurance', in order to provide greater clarity to the consumer?

  • Yes (63%)
  • No (24%)
  • Don't mind either (11%)
  • Not sure (2%)

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The results from our latest poll indicate the majority of advisers favour a move that would see the term ‘Critical Illness Insurance’ adopted across client conversations and products in preference to ‘Trauma Insurance’.

As we go to print, six in ten of those taking our poll (almost entirely advisers), prefer universal adoption of the term ‘Critical Illness Insurance’ in order to avoid any confusion on the part of the consumer that may sometimes occur when the term ‘Trauma Insurance’ is used (see: Advisers Key to Combating Trauma Policy Confusion) .

Almost one in four advisers (23%), however, are against this move, suggested by the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman, while 14% are ok with using either term.

We acknowledged last week that there are plenty of issues the industry is presently dealing with, but to the extent that you hold a view on this particular question, we encourage you to make your voice heard as our poll remains open for another week…