Jury Out on Impact of Robo-Advice


The impending arrival of robo-advice represents an opportunity for my advice business; not a threat

  • Agree (50%)
  • Disagree (43%)
  • Not sure yet (7%)

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Our latest poll results suggest advisers lack interest in the impact of robo-advice services, and are unsure about whether it will benefit or disadvantage them.

As we go to press, slightly more than half of those taking our poll (55%) do not agree that the advent of robo-advice represents an opportunity for them, while 45% think it will help them in their business.

…robo-advice is not a big issue for most advisers at the moment

The low voter turn-out for this poll, compared with the number of votes we’ve received in earlier polls, also suggests that robo-advice is not a big issue for most advisers at the moment.

This poll was released following our earlier story that robo-advice was set to become a potential channel for more engagement and client referrals for advisers (see: Robo-advice to Channel Business…), where the contention is that robo-advice will deliver a whole new category of consumers who have never taken advice before.

Well, the proof of the pudding is in the eating! Only time will tell whether the coming of robo-advice will act as a friend or foe. In the meantime, our poll remains open for another week and we welcome your views…