Financial Advice New Zealand Up and Running  


The new organisation for the future of financial advice is now officially in operation.

Financial Advice New Zealand confirmed its membership is currently 1500 strong and that new members are joining every day.

Financial Advice New Zealand CEO, Katrina Shanks, says they are ready to hit the ground running.

Financial Advice New Zealand CEO, Katrina Shanks

“Leading up to today, we’ve been developing key initiatives that will build public trust and support our members in helping more Kiwis access quality advice,” she said.

One of the initiatives was the launch of Financial Advice New Zealand’s website and online magazine, Money Talk, which is now live at

One article in particular on Money Talk hammers home to the consumer why seeking out life insurance advice is so important.

“Too few Kiwis know about advice and what quality advice looks like,” said Shanks.

“Our goal is to make a well-known knowledge-hub for Kiwis; a source of helpful information about various financial decisions and advice and of course, the leading place to go to find an adviser.”

An adviser search panel features prominently on the new website’s homepage.

“Our goal is to make a well-known knowledge-hub for Kiwis.”

Shanks added that members can keep an eye out for the new body’s “first ‘hello’ to the New Zealand public”, in the form of the newly launched digital awareness campaign and social media activity.

“In the first 100 days, we’ll be finalising plans including our broader public awareness initiatives, professional development, member services and lobbying Ministers to ensure the voice of financial advisers and the needs of our clients are heard,” she explained.

“We truly believe financial advice empowers all New Zealanders to obtain greater financial health and enables them to have more financial choices in life,” said Shanks.