AIA Sovereign Aligning Products, Enhancements to Come


AIA Sovereign has announced it is aligning the existing AIA and Sovereign products through a series of enhancements.

AIA Sovereign Chief Product and Vitality Officer, Len Elikhis

“We are aligning AIA and Sovereign product definitions and benefits on a ‘best of both’ basis, plus adding some new benefits to both product ranges,” said Chief Product and Vitality Officer, Len Elikhis, in an e-update.

“These enhancements will provide customers access to a wider range of treatments, access to better support services and broader claim definitions.”

The insurer said it will be announcing 90 enhancements across the AIA and Sovereign product ranges over the next few months, with the first release on product enhancements next week.

“This is part of our pathway to a single product designed to meet the insurance needs of Kiwis.”

“AIA and Sovereign remain committed to delivering great outcomes for existing customers. As part of this commitment, all enhancements will be passed-back to existing customers,” said Elikhis.

He also confirmed that future enhancements to new products will continue to be passed-back to existing AIA and Sovereign customers in line with their current pass-back approach (i.e. eligible AIA customers since November 2003 and Sovereign TotalCareMax customers since November 2001).

“By aligning our products and maintaining our ongoing commitment to existing customers, we are making it simpler for our customers and distribution partners to understand and manage their insurance cover with us,” he said.