Govt Releases New Productivity Tools for Small Businesses

0 has launched five free tools specifically to help small businesses improve their operations strategy and free up more time to focus on their core operational tasks.

“Small businesses are incredibly busy,” says Manager, Matt Kennedy-Good.

“They tell us that they want to achieve more without having to work longer hours. That’s why productivity is important.”

The new Operations Strategy content and tools help businesses to:

  • Improve their operational efficiency and innovation
  • Manage their capacity
  • Manage their inventory
  • Assess and ensure quality
  • Manage supply and distribution

These resources were created by in partnership with the global experts on the New Zealand Business Performance Panel.

The panel was established in March last year to improve New Zealand’s productivity by helping Kiwi small businesses adopt global management best practices.

While the new resources are shaped by global experts, they are carefully crafted to meet the needs of Kiwi small businesses through a customer centred design process.

According to, more than 60,000 Kiwi businesses have used these resources since March 2018, with an average satisfaction rating of 90 per cent.

“I look forward to seeing more Kiwi businesses using these free tools, as they continue to draw on expert advice from the global frontiers of innovation and business,” said Kennedy-Good.

Click here to view the Operations Strategy resources, tools and advice online.