Health Insurer says Prevention is Better Than the Cure


Kiwi health insurer Accuro is working on a pilot programme with data analytics firm Montoux to identify early interventions that could help its members avoid major invasive surgeries.

“This initiative with Montoux is another key part of our focus on active insurance, helping our members live healthier lives,” says Gavin Rutherford, GM Customer and Commercial, Accuro.

“We’re using fully anonymous data and [will use] artificial intelligence to spot patterns that lead to potentially serious issues and invasive surgeries, and then working with health experts to identify early actions or treatments that will prevent or delay more major medical interventions,” he says.

Gavin Rutherford General Manager, Customer & Commercial, Accuro.
Gavin Rutherford
General Manager, Customer & Commercial, Accuro.

Rutherford says the not-for-profit’s focus is on prevention rather than waiting to cure, allowing members to carry on with their lives and reduce the risk, distress and disruption of surgery.

“The project may also lead Accuro to develop new benefits and products,” he says.

Montoux says its Decision Science platform provides data insights using sophisticated modelling techniques to provide informed analysis into a wide range of possible wellness scenarios.

Geoff Keast, CEO Montoux, says wellness management programs deliver clear benefits to policyholders and insurers, “…we see increasing appetite from health insurers around the world to take a more proactive, evidence-based approach in the way they engage their policyholders to deliver positive wellness outcomes”.

Montoux’s three-month pilot programme with Accuro ends in September. The data analytics firm is also working with Cigna and Partners Life among others.