Accuro Removes 12-Month Limit on Claims


Health insurer Accuro has removed its time restriction for members, and former members, who want to make a claim on their policy.

In a statement, the firm says: “We have recently reviewed our policy wording with regards to our ability to decline claims that have a treatment or procedure date over 12 months old.

“We no longer believe that this term is appropriate, or in the best interests of our members, so have decided to remove the policy term.”

Accuro has reviewed all claims that were declined by the firm during the last five years to identify all past and present customers the restriction applied to, and offered to pay their previously declined claim.

And customers, including former customers, who did not submit a claim to Accuro during the past five years – because the claim was more than 12 months old – have been invited to submit a claim for review.

“Accuro is committed to always delivering the best outcomes for our members which is why we will continue to review policy wordings and benefits from time to time,” says the firm.