New Adviser Training Initiative


National adviser firm, Kepa, is set to release a new adviser learning program it says will benefit a range of advice businesses within the new regulatory environment about to commence in New Zealand.

Fitzpatrick Private Wealth founder, Scott Fitzpatrick …the Lead Adviser Program can operate as a stand-alone advice proposition or along-side existing advice and remuneration structures

Named the Lead Adviser Program, and secured by Kepa via new consulting firm, New Zealand Wealth Advisory, this training course offers advisers the opportunity to learn about and consider proven techniques that assist them in helping project-manage the sometimes broad and complex range of their clients’ financial affairs.

The Lead Adviser Program was initially introduced into the Australian advice sector by Scott Fitzpatrick, the founder of national Australian dealer group, Fitzpatrick Private Wealth, and is structured for advisers to work with their clients in achieving three main goals:

  1. Develop a life plan for the client and his/her family and business, as appropriate
  2. Assist the client in understanding how to build (and protect) their capital
  3. Develop an organised process and system to manage the client’s life plans and capital building targets

According to Fitzpatrick, the program offers advisers the opportunity to learn how they may be able to broaden the scope of areas in which they provide advice and deliver value, while at the same time offering a pathway to creating a fee-based income stream to complement their existing remuneration models.

… a stand-alone advice and fee-based model or …positioned beside existing advice and remuneration methods

Speaking with RiskinfoNZ, Fitzpatrick emphasised the program – which will be openly available for access by all dealer groups and advice providers – offers value for both risk-focussed advisers as well as other advisers who deliver a more holistic range of solutions.

Importantly, he stressed this project management-driven advice structure can act as a stand-alone advice and fee-based model or it can be positioned beside existing advice and remuneration methods.

The course itself comprises both initial and ongoing training for an outcome that Kepa CEO, Brendon Neal, says will offer new possibilities for advisers and advice practices as they consider how they will best position their business and their advice proposition under the incoming regulatory reforms, including the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Act and the new Adviser Code of Conduct.

The first two-day program has been locked-in for Thursday 15th and Friday 16th August in Auckland, while advisers wishing to learn more about this initiative and whether it may have value for their future business model can initially make contact via: