AIA Offers Best Doctors Service to Financial Advisers


The Best Doctors telehealth service is being offered to financial advisers who have a relationship with AIA NZ following its industry survey that identified high levels of personal stress across the sector.

Best Doctors provides access to international specialists and local mental health clinicians who can offer diagnosis, treatment, and information.

AIA’s offer also includes access to a team of mental health professionals including psychologists and psychiatrists.

Sam Tremethick, AIA NZ’s Chief Partnership Insurance Officer, says: “Best Doctors is a fantastic offering, supporting our employees, corporate customers – and now advisers – with the option of securing a second expert medical opinion on any medical diagnosis.”

Sam Tremethick of AIA NZ.
Sam Tremethick of AIA NZ.

Research conducted by AIA shows that:

  • 20% of advisers surveyed are seeking or have sought medical care for stress
  • 15% have been advised by their doctor that they are in a high-risk category for heart disease or stroke
  • 41% had a moderate to high mental health risk – almost double the risk of the general NZ population

Dr Lorelle Drew, Lead Consultant Psychiatrist for Best Doctors in New Zealand, says: “The need for mental health services has been on the rise for several years and Covid-19 has seen an increase in this need for support and care.”

To take advantage of the Best Doctors offer through AIA, advisers should contact their AIA Business Development Manager who will guide them through the sign up process.