AIA’s Len Elikhis writes that it is the insurer’s social responsibility to help Kiwis live healthier lives – with the support of financial advisers…

AIA Vitality has celebrated the third anniversary of the science-backed health and wellbeing programme, and during that time our members have taken enough steps to run half-a-million marathons.

The programme is a global initiative that nudges our members toward healthier lifestyle choices, shares in the value of reduced claims costs and improved persistency through insurance premium discounts and partner rewards.

AIA Vitality is the foundation of our approach to health and wellbeing and core to our strategy of sustainable insurance. We believe it’s our social responsibility and good business sense to expand our role beyond being a payer of claims towards helping Kiwis live healthier, longer, better lives. And we’ve seen the impact of Kiwis taking control of their health and wellbeing first-hand.

Since we launched the programme in 2019, our members have taken enough steps in three years to run nearly 500,000 marathons, with a whopping 23.7 billion steps counted.

Our members have performed more than 33,000 AIA Vitality Health Checks, with 19% of these members reducing their BMI as a result, 50% improving their blood pressure, and 16% reducing their cholesterol. They’ve also completed more than 10,000 eye exams, 4,000 dental assessments, and 800 nutrition assessments.

…AIA Vitality members have redeemed more than $2 million in weekly Active Reward payments…

From a rewards perspective, AIA Vitality members have redeemed more than $2 million in weekly Active Reward payments, a further $1 million in Status Rewards in the form of Airpoints Dollars or Countdown Vouchers, and redeemed more than 6,000 Apple Watches, 23,000 movie vouchers, and 2,000 Forme Spa vouchers.

In addition, clients have saved millions of dollars in insurance premium discounts.

We’re incredibly proud to share these stats and thankful to you, our adviser community, for supporting more than 36,000 Kiwis to make better lifestyle choices.

We’ve heard and shared some fantastic adviser and customer wellbeing stories through our Better Lives with AIA Vitality hub. It’s been great to see how AIA Vitality has helped so many Kiwis create positive lifestyle shifts.

With your support, we will continue to make insurance more impactful, sustainable, and rewarding.

If you have any questions or need more information, please get in touch with your AIA NZ Business Development Manager or check out AIA Adviser Resources.

Len Elikhis, AIA NZ Chief Product and Investments Officer

Len Elikhis is AIA NZ Chief Product and Investments Officer. He is responsible for the design and pricing of the firm’s risk and health products, as well as AIA Vitality.

As a qualified actuary and former consultant, his experience spans the financial services industry.