Financial Advice NZ CEO to Step Down


Katrina Shanks, the CEO of Financial Advice NZ, will leave the organisation in November. The task of recruiting a replacement will start soon, says its board.

Shanks was appointed as the inaugural CEO of the organisation in 2018, bringing the three organisations representing financial advisers together.

Katrina Shanks, CEO Financial Advice NZ.
Katrina Shanks, CEO Financial Advice NZ.

Board Chair Heather Roy said Shanks’ legacy is one of a united, member focused, viable, and professional organisation.

“Under her leadership Financial Advice New Zealand is respected and trusted amongst the membership and stakeholders,” said Roy.

“We are stronger for her leadership and she has set us up for growth into the future.”

β€œIt has been my privilege to serve the membership over the last five years,” said Katrina Shanks.