FSC Welcomes Proposed Industry Reform


The FSC is finalising its response to the Government’s Contracts of Insurance Bill, with the organisation’s Acting CEO Haydee Stroud saying the proposed legislation is a positive step.

The Bill, which is the work of Andrew Bayly MP, largely removes insurance exceptions. A key part of the Bill would mean policyholders who made an honest mistake would not find themselves without cover.

Haydee Stroud, acting CEO, FSC.
Haydee Stroud.

Stroud says the aspiration of the FSC is that Kiwis better manage and understand their risk, adding that she is encouraged to see progress in the organisation’s policy recommendations to Government.

“We are pleased to see the Government committed to ensuring that New Zealanders and businesses can better manage and understand their risk, protecting themselves in their time of need,” she says.

“The FSC’s policy priorities outlined in our Blueprint for Growth identify that New Zealanders take too much risk.”

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