Asteron Life Releases New Quote And Application Tool 


Asteron Life has released the second stage of its new quote and application tool for life insurance advisers, AsteronConnect.

Tablet-friendly, the platform can be used on the go and is complete with underwriting capability, allowing applications to be done online and within minutes, depending on the complexity of the application.

Asteron Life Executive General Manager Distribution, Cris Knell

Apart from enabling a paperless application process, the tool allows advisers to present customers with a full illustration of quotations and graphically illustrates the benefits of level or stepped premium structures and makes it easy to add different premium structures to benefits on the same policy.

Asteron Life’s Executive General Manager Distribution, Cris Knell said they collaborated with many advisers and developers to create AsteronConnect.

“The platform will make the quote and application process a lot easier for the advisers we work with, and will also improve the experience of our intermediary partners and our mutual customers,” said Knell.

Advisers can link two tablets so a couple can work on the same application simultaneously and customers can apply for cover on the spot, and sign documents electronically.

“We’ve received really positive feedback from the advisers who have used the system so far.” said Knell.

“They’ve told us that it’s much quicker, and they can see the benefits of the tool straight away,” he added.

In the first week of launch, over 60 applications were completed via the new platform and the insurer will continue to deliver webinar training to advisers to familiarise them with the new system.