AIA Partners with Mental Health Foundation


AIA has partnered with the Mental Health Foundation, to help raise awareness of mental wellbeing and the need for greater support across New Zealand.

The partnership marks AIA’s Centennial and around 1000 New Zealand-based AIA staff participated in a 100km baton relay at AIA’s offices at Smales Farm in Auckland on 5 April.

The charity relay is the first of a number of activities in AIA’s partnership with the Mental Health Foundation this year.

At the end of the relay, AIA will donate $100,000 to the Mental Health Foundation, with the help of their staff who have been fundraising throughout March.

AIA New Zealand CEO, Nick Stanhope

AIA New Zealand CEO, Nick Stanhope, pointed out that nearly half of New Zealanders will live with a mental illness at some point during their lifetime and one-in-five New Zealanders live with mental illness each year.

“They are shocking statistics, and by any standards, demonstrate the need for better mental health support services across New Zealand,” said Stanhope.

“What’s more, despite the incredible progress in improving life expectancy and physical health, we still have high levels of mental illness across New Zealand. Thankfully we have organisations such as the Mental Health Foundation. We’re thrilled to be working with them and to help bring important support services to those in need,” he said.

Mental Health Foundation Chief Executive, Shaun Robinson

Mental Health Foundation Chief Executive, Shaun Robinson, says they have been “impressed by the level of commitment shown by the staff at AIA – a 100km baton relay is quite an achievement”.

“Right now the focus of the Foundation is on the people of Christchurch. AIA’s donation will allow us to continue to offer our ‘All Right?’ resources to people in need in Canterbury as well as the provision of suicide prevention services throughout New Zealand,” he explained.

“We are very grateful for our partnership with AIA and I know our people in Christchurch and throughout the country will be very grateful too,” Robinson said.