Insurer’s Brand Campaign Highlights ‘Human’ Side of Life Insurance 


Australian life insurer, TAL, has launched a new brand campaign this week to change how consumers view life insurance.

The campaign follows on from TAL’s ‘The Value of You’ work earlier in the year and is aimed at continuing to connect consumers with the value life insurance has to offer and the role it can play in their lives.

TAL Chief Customer and Brand Officer, Alex Homer, says the campaign is centred around the concept of ‘human insurance’, challenging perceptions of the category as being predominantly focused on term life insurance products.

Their aim is not unlike Partners Life’s current campaign ‘Get Life Right’ which also endeavours to get Kiwis thinking about life cover through a different lens, about how their families will cope if they lose their income or were to pass away.

“Our category supports people during some of their most difficult times, and we need to ensure our customers understand the positive role we play in helping them get back to the very best version they can be,” Homer said.

He noted that TAL had paid more than $1.6 billion in claims over 2018 but 62 percent of that was in living benefits to customers recovering from illness or injury.

“This campaign recognises that when you live your life to the fullest, life can leave its mark on you, and in these moments we play a critical role in supporting our customers – this is an important conversation to have.”

“Along with our partners, we support our customers and their families when they need us most, and that’s about more than just paying claims – it’s about being there for them in a way that demonstrates our empathy and understanding of what they’re going through,” said Homer.

The campaign highlights two examples of that support in the form of career coaching services provided to TAL’s Income Protection customers when they are ready to return to work, and grief support services offered to customers’ families in the event they have lost a loved one.

“These are important services TAL has developed to ensure we can add value to our customers’ lives beyond simply paying their claim, and we are using them to highlight to consumers the human quality of the support we work to provide,” Homer said.

Click here to view the campaign.