Poll Results – Affordability a Concern


In our latest poll, we asked you the reasons your clients had shared about why they hadn’t previously considered personal risk insurance before seeking out your services.

The most common reasons appear to be affordability and lack of understanding but a large proportion of voters (28%) had heard all of the listed reasons from their clients.

At the time of writing, 33 percent of voters said clients had said they couldn’t afford it, while 17 percent had said clients didn’t understand it, 11 percent didn’t want to think about it, 8 percent had other reasons and 3 percent weren’t aware of risk solutions.

The Financial Services Council released new research last week which found many New Zealanders don’t know who to turn to when it comes to managing financial risks (see: Consumers Unsure How to Manage Financial Risks…).

The report also found a reluctance to think about financial risks despite being aware of what risks could befall them (see: Kiwis Push Financial Risk Out of Mind…).

Our poll still remains open for another week. Click here if you’d like to add your voice to the conversation…