Advisers Positive About a Post-Virus Future


Despite the vast majority of people in New Zealand being in lockdown under the Government’s COVID-19 Level 4 guidelines, the business sentiment among financial advisers is resoundingly positive according to our latest poll.

Last week we asked if your advice business will be viable once the virus crisis is behind us. Financial advisers responded positively with 75% saying it would be.

It’s a strong result, especially when compared with advisers in Australia who answered the same question on our sister RiskInfo website across the Ditch.

People in Australia are still able to leave the house to go to work as the country is operating under Level 3. However, only 48% of Aussie advisers felt their business would be viable after the crisis ends. It’s a startling difference in sentiment.

In New Zealand 23% of advisers said they were not sure if their business would be viable post COVID-19, while in Australia the number is 31%.

And 3% of New Zealand financial advisers said their business would not be viable once the dust settles, in Australia the figure is 21%.

What is it that has led to New Zealand advisers being so upbeat and positive and their Aussie opposite numbers being down in the mouth? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Will your advice business emerge in a viable position post the Coronavirus crisis?

  • Yes (77%)
  • Not sure (19%)
  • No (4%)

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