More Advisers To Apply For Their Own Licence


More financial advisers are planning to operate under their own transitional licence than 10 months ago according to our latest poll.

In 2019 we asked if you would provide advice under your own licence or someone else’s.

In October, 68% of those who cast a vote in our poll said they would work under their own licence. But today that figure has risen to 83%.

Last year 18% of you said you’d work under someone else’s licence, but this week that is down to 11%.

And in October last year 14% of you were not sure which way to go; but today that figure stands at just 6%.

The FMA is encouraging advisers to apply for a transitional licence by the end of the year, so for the 6% of the country’s estimated 10,000 financial advisers still to make a decision then the FMA’s options tool might be worth exploring.

Do you plan to operate under your own FAP licence or someone else's?

  • My own (80%)
  • Someone else’s (16%)
  • Not sure (4%)

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