Podcast News Wrap For 17 November 2020


Cigna NZ

Cigna New Zealand has changed the definitions and benefits of its income, mortgage repayment, complete disablement, trauma and premium covers so customers can work in their pre-disability occupation for up to 10 hours a week and still qualify for a total disability benefit – although any income earned will be deducted from the benefit payable under the policy.

Partners Life

Partners Life has removed a raft of restrictions it adopted to counter the risks associated with the emergence of Covid-19 earlier in the year. Among them is the removal of the automatic blanket Covid-19 Occupation Class Restriction applied to disability benefits, including income cover, mortgage repayment cover, household expenses cover, TPD cover as well as the TPD covered condition under trauma cover.

Southern Cross

Southern Cross Health Insurance has launched Cancer Cover Plus to give members more choice when it comes to chemotherapy, including increased access to drugs not subsidised by government-funded Pharmac. Cancer Cover Plus is available as an upgrade to a wide range of plans offered by the organisation.

Kep merger

The merger of Kepa and NZFSG went ahead as planned on 30 October says Brendon Neal, Kepa’s CEO. The companies announced their plan to merge on 1 October saying they were seeking regulatory approval.

All Kepa staff have taken positions with NZFSG and started with the new grou. Neal will continue to run Keeeepa as CEO and is also Head of Strategy for the wider NZFSG Group.

Disclosure webinar

A free webinar covering the major requirements of the new disclosure regime is being held by Strategi Group on Wednesday, 25 November, starting at 10am. The webinar will feature Practical suggestions on how to handle the switchover and why you need to link your disclosure obligations with your advice process

Fidelity Life

A new phone system at Fidelity Life means call centre staff can see each customer’s previous phone, chat, email and written communications, as well as their policy details, all in one place. It’s all part of the firm’s $25 million systems update that will be completed in five years’ time.