Partners Life Customer Surveys Well Recieved


Driving home the importance of ensuring advisers’ customers understand the insurance products they buy is Partners Life and its Customer Outcome Matrix.

It was introduced by the company in April and Partners Life says it has been “delighted” with the feedback from advisers since its launch.

The system involves the company surveying new customers on the advice they were given when taking out a policy and following up on those who cancel a policy with the insurer.

Each survey question is translated into a points score for the adviser which helps Partners Life determine the adviser’s annual bonus.

Should none of an adviser’s customers take part in the voluntary survey then Partners Life will pay the adviser the basic 80 per cent commission rate. However, the maximum bonus rate is 100 per cent and is based on responses to six questions covering:

  1. Initial advice
  2. Replacement advice
  3. Cancellation advice
  4. Service activity
  5. Customer complaints
  6. Non-disclosure and misstatement at claim time

To qualify for an additional bonus, the survey response rate is calculated and measured based on the table below:

Table supplied by Partners Life.









In addition to helping formulate bonuses, the surveys help the company build a body of evidence should a complaint be made about an adviser.

Partners Life says the Customer Outcome Matrix is designed to support advisers in demonstrating the good advice outcomes they provide for their customers and urges advisers to encourage all their clients to take part in its surveys.

“Considerable time and effort went into the development of this new, market-leading development, and we have been delighted with the fantastic feedback we have received from advisers to date,” says the firm.

The company says it challenged itself to focus on the customer, to think boldly, and for the long-term.

“We sincerely believe our efforts will make a real difference to both customers and advisers,” says Partners Life.

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