AIA Launches Online Health & Wellbeing Programme


AIA’s first online Regional Ambassador Programme has been launched with Dame Valerie Adams leading the way locally to help Kiwis enjoy “…healthier, longer, better lives”.

Joining her are fellow New Zealand AIA Vitality Ambassadors Ian Jones and Jess Quinn.

The programme, says an AIA spokesperson, will take an “always-on” approach that will engage its customers, advisers and communities to follow healthy lifestyles. The global initiative is being lead by footballer David Beckham.

Dame Vallery Adams, AIA Vitality Ambasador
Dame Valerie Adams, AIA Vitality Ambassador

The initiative, says the firm, will celebrate cultural diversity and offer Kiwis access to different perspectives on health and wellness.

Adams says: “I hope we can collectively inspire others to live a healthier life and to cope through the challenges life throws at us.

“Reflecting on last year, I learned a lot about staying motivated, making time for family and supporting others.”

And in reference to the Olympics in Japan, Adams says she’s looking forward to “…smashing some goals this year with my global AIA whānau behind me”.