Living Dangerously Commercial Delivers Results for Cigna


After a month on screen Cigna’s Insurance for Living campaign is showing positive results says the firm, with searches for terms such as ‘income protection insurance’ having risen.

The company’s light-hearted commercials feature a character called Dave Davidson who’s living the dream, but is risk-averse. However, viewers see that since he took out insurance with Cigna he’s started living a little more dangerously – wearing a blue shirt instead of a white one.

Simon Tohill, Cigna’s Head of Strategy & Marketing, says: “Through Dave’s adventures we’re able to demonstrate how having Cigna insurance by your side can provide financial peace of mind and have a positive impact on your everyday life.”

The campaign runs until late September on TV, TV on Demand, social media, digital display and radio.

Cigna will be conducting ongoing research to see how the campaign is tracking and how consumer perceptions of the firm change.