Synchron Vaccine Incentive for Advisers, Staff


In Australia, Synchron is offering its advisers and staff a $100 Bunnings gift voucher if they have both doses of a Covid-19 vaccine.

In a letter to the Synchron community, Director Don Trapnell says the company believes the best way for Australia to return to a life that reflects life before the pandemic is for as many Australians as possible to get vaccinated.

He says the pandemic has had a devastating effect on the world and “…although Australia has been thankfully largely spared, we are not immune, as evidenced by the current outbreak and extended lock-downs in Melbourne.”

Don Trapnell.

He says Synchron’s directors and chair have each received the first dose of the vaccine and will be proceeding to the second dose, within the prescribed time-frame.

Trapnell encouraged advisers and staff to visit their doctor to find out which vaccine is right for them, noting the company understood that getting vaccinated takes time out of the day and away from  work, “…but we think it’s worth it.”

“This is a potential investment by Synchron in the health of its community of up to $50,000, but we consider it a matter of good corporate citizenship,” he says.