Future of TPD – Poll Result


Which of these statements most closely reflects the position of your advice business:

  • We will continue to write about the same levels of TPD cover in future (64%)
  • We will be writing less TPD insurance in future (17%)
  • We will write higher volumes of TPD insurance in future (11%)
  • We’re not sure about how much TPD cover our business will write in future (8%)

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Just 10% of those who have taken part in our Total and Permanent Disability insurance poll expect to write higher volumes of this type of insurance in future.

Last week we reported that across the ditch the product has been under pressure for many years, with affordability becoming a greater challenge for consumers and their advisers.

Sustainability and affordability issues are also impacting the local market.

With one week to go before this poll closes, the results so far show that 62% of respondents expect to write about the same levels of TPD going forward, and 17% anticipate they will write less. A further 10% aren’t sure about how much TPD cover they will write.

See our report: The Future of TPD in New Zealand.