AON Put People First in Customer Communication


Insurance broker Aon is putting people at the end of its phones and won’t be using online chatbots to answer common questions posed by visitors to its website.

The firm has launched a nationwide advertising campaign called Proudly Local. Proudly Human to show how Aon is “…reinventing insurance by using an actual human being”.

The campaign, says the firm’s advertising agency, focuses on what it says sets AON apart from the competition “…real conversations and personalised service – putting empathy, intuition, and human-led customer service at the centre of insurance”.

Craig Parker, Creative Director at WAVE Agency, says his team looked at how other insurance brands communicate with customers and what makes Aon different.

“We saw the opportunity for Aon to talk about its approachable service, delivered by real humans – not bots, automated sales funnels, or waiting in long call centre queues to speak to someone far away.”

Monique McGrath, Aon Marketing and Communications Manager, says the company is committed to growing its branch office network.