Webinar to Discuss Working in the ‘New Normal’


A panel of legal and health experts are being brought together by Financial Advice NZ for a webinar to discuss ‘no jab, no job’ edicts as advisers head back to the office and begin meeting with their clients face-to-face.

Among those taking part in the online discussion on Wednesday 3 November are Emma Peterson, Russell McVeagh partner; Rod Jackson, professor of epidemiology, University of Auckland; and a spokesperson from the government’s Covid-19 response team.

Katrina Shanks, CEO Financial Advice NZ, says: “We are just starting the conversation around what our expectations are in the workplace.”

If you have any questions or topics you would like raised during the webinar, please email Financial Advice NZ at info@financialadvice.nz with the subject, ‘No jab, no job’.

Register here for the webinar.