Cigna Extends Campaign Offer for Advisers and Clients


Cigna has announced an extension of its two-month free cover offer for new and existing policy holders, while paying advisers double service commissions for two months during the campaign period.

This extension has been initiated following what – according to the insurer – has been a fantastic response delivering overwhelming positive feedback.

The client offer

Commencing from mid-September, the promotional campaign offers two months of free cover for new policy holders and two months of any increased cover for existing policy holders at no cost for the increased component.

Originally slated to end on 17th December, the offer now extends for new policy or increased cover applications submitted by 31 January 2022, where the new or updated contract is issued before 18 March 2022.

The adviser offer

In keeping with its ‘Good things come in two‘ campaign mantra, advisers will be the beneficiary of twice the normal service commission for two months for all new business or existing policy increases sold during the now-extended campaign period.

Parameters around the details of the campaign offer can be accessed from updated flyers for new and existing clients, as well as from an updated FAQ document.

New Customer Offer

Existing Customer Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

Cigna’s extended new customer offer brochure…