How Will You Promote Your Business in 2022?


Based on the results so far of our latest poll, it seems plenty of advisers are looking to short-form videos to raise the profile of their services to consumers.

What once took a film crew and expensive software can be achieved with a smartphone and any number of free apps. Broadcasting live via social media and YouTube can even cut out the need to edit video at all – making the job of video marketing even easier.

While 40% of poll respondents say they are focusing on videos, a further 40% are looking to social media, and 20% believe direct marketing is the best route for them.

There’s still time to cast your vote as our poll closes on Monday January 17.

Which of these marketing activities are you likely to undertake in 2022 to help build your business:

  • Client referrals (30%)
  • Social media (25%)
  • Direct marketing (18%)
  • Short-form videos (18%)
  • Google ads (9%)

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