AIA Launches Vitality Calculator For Advisers


AIA NZ has launched an interactive tool to help advisers show clients the benefits of belonging to the firm’s AIA Vitality programme.

The AIA Vitality Value Calculator demonstrates how members can earn points through day-to-day activities and presents a summary of the tangible value they can gain in the first year.

AIA NZ Chief Product and Investments Officer, Len Elikhis, says whether an adviser is speaking to a client for the first time, or reviewing their needs at anniversary time, it’s always a good time to talk about health and wellbeing goals.

Elikhis says using the calculator with a client takes less than 10 minutes and shows them the benefits and rewards they could enjoy.

Len Elikhis, AIA NZ Chief Product and Investments Officer
Len Elikhis, AIA NZ Chief Product and Investments Officer.

“It’s as simple as opening up the calculator and walking a client through each step to help them understand the value of being an AIA Vitality member based on the activity they think they can achieve,” he says.

From a rewards perspective, AIA Vitality members have redeemed more than $2 million in weekly reward payments, $1 million in Airpoints Dollars or Countdown shopping vouchers, and earned more than 6,000 Apple Watches, 23,000 movie vouchers, and 2,000 Forme Spa vouchers.

AIA Vitality members have also saved millions of dollars in insurance premium discounts, says Elikhis.