Fee for Advice Poll Result


Charging fees for risk-only advice – to supplement commission income – will become more widespread in future.

  • Disagree (43%)
  • Agree (40%)
  • Not sure (16%)

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It seems more than half of those who have so far responded to our latest poll believe they will charge clients for risk advice in the foreseeable future.

With almost half of insurance advisers in Australia billing clients for risk advice, we set out to establish the lay of the land closer to home.

Although our poll still has one week to run before it closes, 42% agree charging for risk advice will become more widespread, and an equal number disagree. The remaining 16% are not sure.

The numbers are similar to Australia where a recent survey found 44% of advisers providing insurance-only advice are already billing clients on top of the product commissions they receive, with the average fee being $1,841 (AU$1,689).

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