Cigna Welcomes OnePath Leaders Onboard 


Cigna has reported its new team from OnePath have settled in well, a week after Cigna’s official acquisition of ANZ’s One Path.

Chief Executive, Gail Costa, is positive about progress so far, saying the long standing relationship between the companies has laid the groundwork for a smooth transition.

“We had a great first week and everyone has come together really well. It is a very exciting time for us,” she said.

She noted that part of the strength of the merger stemmed from the cultural alignment between Cigna and ANZ.

“We’re focused on providing strong leadership through this change. This is an opportunity to build on the quality service we already deliver, and to create a workplace where our people can flourish,” said Costa.

The acquisition of OnePath has diversified Cigna’s distribution channels, and leveraging the opportunities these new channels offer will be a key part of Cigna’s strategy moving forward.

“OnePath has both independent and in-house advisers, which is an exciting new channel for us. And our 20-year strategic alliance enables us to provide insurance solutions directly to ANZ customers,” said Costa.

“All of this is really good news for customers who will be able to choose how they interact with us. And this gives us a real opportunity to help New Zealanders make sure they have the financial protection they need.”

The Cigna team has almost doubled as a result of the acquisition, which was formalised in October of this year, which the insurer said places it as the third largest life insurer in New Zealand.