Professional IQ College Offers Rebate for Advisers  


Professional IQ College has confirmed it will be able to reduce the overall cost of the NZ Certificate in Financial Services Level 5 for advisers by 33 per cent.

Chief Executive, Rod Severn, says the College has secured Government funding to enable this offer and lower the cost of the qualification for advisers.

Professional IQ College CEO, Rod Severn

For advisers to receive the $550 refund, they will need to:

  • Enrol for the full qualification
  • Complete the course within an eight month timeframe
  • Complete 10 credits within the first three months

Severn said the College is finalising in-house workshops for both core and each strand to assist experienced advisers through the process to take some of the mystery and concern away from the qualification.

He said the College was well positioned to help all advisers through the certification process.