News in Brief


Fidelity Life October Roadshows

Fidelity Life will be taking its latest roadshow, On Point Live, around the country in October.

Attendees will hear an update on Fidelity Life and how its tracking, how the insurer is helping with the transition to the new financial advice regime, get the latest on its adviser professional development plans and take a sneak peek at its new adviser website.

Contact your Fidelity Life Business Manager or Business Account Manager for more information on registering for the event.

CFP Campaign Kicks Off

Initially announced at its annual Conference, Financial Advice New Zealand has launched a new digital campaign designed to drive awareness of the Certified Financial Planner mark and CFP professionals in New Zealand.

The campaign will run for three months and feature social media ads, Google ads and targeted online publisher advertising.

The association said a consumer guide and advertorials will also be coming available.

Click here for more information.