Are Insurers Doing Enough?


A number of insurance companies have responded to the Covid-19 crisis with a range of initiatives designed for both advisers and consumers.

For example, additional commission rates of up to 40% will be paid to advisers selling AIA New Zealand’s Living products until September.

Many of the restrictions placed on new policies by Partners Life as a result of Covid-19 were removed this week. And Cigna New Zealand has doubled service commissions for independent financial advisers during June and July.

Have these and other actions taken by life companies made a difference for you and your clients during the past few months?

Let us know what you think and we’ll report back next week…

Are you satisfied that the responses you are receiving from life companies are meeting your clients' needs during the Covid-19 crisis?

  • Yes (56%)
  • No (31%)
  • Not sure (14%)

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