Keep Fit and Get a Free Apple Watch


AIA NZ is encouraging its customers to improve their fitness levels with a free Apple Watch offer worth up to $699.

“The Series 6 GPS Apple Watch is one of a number of additional benefits that we’ve introduced to AIA Vitality members this year,” says the firm.

“We see this benefit as a great way to further incentivise New Zealanders to keep their physical activity levels up and to take active steps toward improving their overall health and wellbeing.”

The offer works with customers buying an Apple Watch using a 24-month interest-free loan from Etika via the Apple version of the AIA Vitality app and using an Apple Store code to buy the watch.

AIA Vitality will automatically allocate a member’s weekly $5 Active Rewards to the repayment of the Apple Watch over a period of 24 months.

So long as those taking part meet weekly fitness goals, AIA will make the repayments. But in the months where fitness goals are missed then the person who took out the fiance will need to make the payment.

“The more weekly physical activity targets that are achieved, the smaller the loan repayments will be,” says AIA. “If members meet all their physical activity targets, AIA will pay the full cost of the loan.”