Financial Advice to Outline Revised Constitution at Roadshows


Financial Advice NZ is to hold a series of FAP roadshows across the country in June where revisions to the organization’s constitution will also be outlined.

While venues have not been announced, Katrina Shanks, CEO of Financial Advice NZ says a show will be held in every week of June in locations such as Auckland, Waikato, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin, with one of the shows streamed live.

“The FMA is coming with us and we’ll be unbundling what full licencing looks like, and what advisers need to be thinking about in detail – so they can meet the full details of the licence,” she says.

In addition to the FAP element of the roadshows, Shanks will discuss planned changes to her organisation’s constitution.

“It was written based on the three organisations that merged to form Financial Advice NZ,” she says. “Now we are making it more fit-for-purpose, in terms of where the environment is now, taking into account the FAPs, and also in terms of just tidying it up.

“When Financial Advice NZ began its founders were focused on getting what was important to them into the main constitution, which has made it a bit clunky. And so we are streamlining it now, but still keeping it within the parameters of what Financial Advice NZ is.”

Members of Financial Advice NZ will be able to vote on the adoption of the proposed new constitution at the organisation’s AGM on 16/17 November.

Fees to attend one of the roadshows will be $20 for FANZ members and $50 for non-members.