Tide Has Turned on Attitudes to Training


There’s been a sea-change in the mindset of advisers when it comes to professional training according to Strategi Institute‘s Altaf Shaikh.

He says the firm’s enrolment numbers, Radar licence subscriptions, and analysis of questions being asked, show the financial services industry is “embracing the industry’s new professional standards”.

“We are seeing a whole new approach around training and professional development,” he says.

“Before, advisers wanted the lowest cost, fastest to complete solution, and for some it was just a ‘tick-the-box’ approach to gaining their qualification.”

However, the tide seems to have turned with Shaikh saying there’s a realisation across the industry that the playing field has changed.

“Advisers are looking for the best quality and most up-to-date content so they can professionally and compliantly operate within the new regime,” he says.

Shaikh also concludes that other factors are contributing to the change in mindset and subsequent upsurge in training demand:

  • The new financial services industry training subsidy

  • An awareness within the industry that many advisers may need more than just one specialist strand of the New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5) V2 to be compliant – and that they only have two years to achieve this

  • A new understanding of the importance of CPD within the new regime and the value of accessing this via RADAR.