Digital Lead Generation and Social Media Marketing Webinars


While plenty of financial advisers have got to grips with working remotely and holding client consultations over the phone or online, Partners Life says it knows plenty who have struggled to digitise their lead generation – something that has typically been achieved through face-to-face meetings and social gatherings.

“Lead generation is such a critical part of the success for an adviser,” says the firm.

“We are not the experts in lead generation, but we do have the resources to search globally and identify the right people with experience to share their journey and lessons they have learnt in digital lead generation.

“We wanted an adviser who understands life insurance with experience in digital lead generation to join us on a webinar to discuss the lessons they have learnt.”

Ryan Pinney, President of Pinney Insurance based in Roseville California
Ryan Pinney, President of Pinney Insurance, will discus digital marketing ideas.

Partners Life’s first digital lead generation webinar will feature MDRT member Ryan Pinney, President of Pinney Insurance, California – it will run for one hour and start at 11am on Tuesday 30 November (register here).

Pinney has transformed his traditional insurance business to a fully digital operation with specific focus on digital lead generation.

“This is an amazing opportunity to learn from someone who clearly understands how to run a successful insurance business,” says Partners Life.

The second webinar will be lead by Auckland-based Chelsea Tobin from Queen of Swords Media who will cover off social media marketing for one hour starting at 11am on Wednesday 1 December (register here).

Chelsea Tobin from Queen of Swords Media
Chelsea Tobin, social media marketing specialist.

Her presentation will cover building your brand, growing an engaged online community, increasing website traffic, and generating new leads.

“We have chosen Chelsea because of her New Zealand experience and believe this will provide you with excellent ideas to improve your ability to generate leads digitally,” says Partners Life.

“These webinars are not to be missed if digital lead generation is something you are interested in and/or something you want to develop in your business to improve and maximise lead generation both now and into the future.