Social Media Finfluencers – Poll


Almost half (47%) of 18-24-year-olds looking for financial advice are turning to social media platforms according to a RiskinoNZ op-ed by Financial Advice NZ’s Katrina Shanks.

She writes that the trend is something that can’t be ignored by advisers and that Gen-Zers will soon be their largest group of consumers, “…with incomes to protect, mortgages to pay down, and families to grow”.

“The generational shift is already happening, with young people being more likely to trust what they read on social media than older consumers,” writes Shanks. “It’s time to focus on understanding their needs and ways that we can better serve them.”

Which brings us to this week’s poll…

To what extent does your business leverage social media channels to engage with younger clients and younger prospective clients?

  • None at all (50%)
  • It has its place in certain circumstances (32%)
  • I'm totally engaged in building my social media presence and growing followers (18%)

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