What Financial Advisors Are Talking About – Report


Among the most discussed topics by financial advisers in Australia include technology (CRMs), life insurance, and advice pricing & fee methodologies, according to industry platform firm Ensombl.

The company’s What Advisors Want report draws on thousands of conversations taking place on the platform.

Ensombl says topics frequently discussed among its 8,000 users, comprising of more than 5,600 financial advisers, include:

  • Outsourcing
  • Intergenerational wealth transfer
  • Client experience design
  • Client retention
  • Communication strategies

The company says its report also delves deeper “…to discover what specific challenges advisers are turning to their professional peers for assistance with”.

Clayton Daniel.

It says these range from recommendations around platforms and technology integrations, to employment contracts, segmented fee methodologies, data security, and client onboarding and offboarding ideas.

Ensombl CEO Clayton Daniel says the conversations offers a window into the heartbeat of advice.

While many of the topics are evergreen “…many conversations have picked up in response to current market challenges,” he says.

The 2023 report also contains highlights on what advisers want for each of the most talked about topics.

For example, Ensombl points to things such as advisers wanting a period of stability; speedy implementation; a level playing field with superannuation funds and industry-standard templates around SoAs.

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