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What is the one factor which most often informs your selection of life insurance product solution for your client?

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In light of the impending upgrade to Partners Life’s underwriting systems platform, we’re keen to learn what’s most important to you when it comes to product selection for your clients.

We appreciate all clients are different and that different factors can and do come into your consideration when determining the most appropriate product solution to fit your clients’ needs.

But is there a single factor which most often determines which insurer gets your client’s business?

Risk-only and risk-focussed advice practices may well have a different perspective from those held by generalist practices and businesses which offer a more holistic financial planning proposition. And within each of these different advice businesses, your own make-up and experiences will also come into play.

We acknowledge many advice businesses may consider this question from the perspective that it is only ever the nature of the client’s circumstances which determine your product selection. Notwithstanding this perspective, however, are you nonetheless able to venture your opinion as to which of this list of factors most often rises to the top of your selection priorities?

Tell us what you think and we’ll report back next week…

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