Poll Results – Fee-For-Service Option Unpopular  


Our latest poll aimed to find out if you would be likely to charge a fee for your services in the future.

At the time of writing, our poll results showed the majority of advisers are not embracing the possibility of a fee-for-service model (68%). However, a quarter (26%) of respondents said they would charge a fee in the future and six percent were unsure.

New Zealand Wealth Advisory co-founder, Scott Fitzpatrick CFP recently spoke on how advisers can create a fee-based income stream that works alongside existing remuneration models, at Kepa’s 2019 Conference (see: Kepa Conference, Lead Adviser Workshops…).

Is your opinion on a fee-for-service model in line with the majority of our respondents thoughts? Or are you set on charging a fee for your services down the track?

Our poll still remains open for another week. Click here if you’d like to place your vote…