Latest Poll – All Set for Transitional Licensing? 


Are you ready to apply for your transitional licence?

  • Not yet but I’ll be ready to apply before June next year (36%)
  • Almost - I’ll apply some time this year (32%)
  • Yes - I’ll be applying on November 25 (25%)
  • I won’t be applying for my own licence  (7%)

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The FMA will now open transitional licensing from 25 November and we ask if and how soon you intend to submit your online application for a transitional licence.

The FMA has previously said the process to apply for a transitional licence would be straightforward and in most cases managed entirely online.

FMA Director of Market Engagement, John Botica, said earlier this year, “Transitional licensing will give us a better sense of who is operating in the market – helping us anticipate the number of full licence applications and resources needed for ongoing monitoring and supervision.”

Be sure to read the FMA’s guide on applying or its Explore Your Options tool if you’re still undecided on becoming a FAP or not.

Are you ready to apply for your transitional licence? Or is it something you intend to complete next year?

Place your vote in the poll above and we’ll report back to you next week…