Partners Life Launches My Underwriting Manager


Partners Life has launched its new software, My Underwriting Manager (MUM), on 4 November.

The new tool for advisers, previously announced in October as PLUME (Partners Life Underwriting Management Engine), delivers a redesigned electronic application process (see: Partners Life to Launch New Software Tool…).

Key benefits and features of the new software include:

  • Reinvented question design, using everyday language and fewer questions for a better customer experience
  • Removal of medical terminology, insurance jargon and legal language
  • Powerful underwriting logic, designed to replicate the decisions of a senior underwriter
  • Improved faster and more efficient processes by removing administration and reducing time from application to issue
  • Integrating with Konnect to streamline process when information from doctors is required
Partners Life GM Marketing and Product, Kris Ballantyne

Partners Life GM Marketing and Product, Kris Ballantyne, says “Traditional paper application forms are long, complicated and some of the language is difficult for customers,” explaining this results in customers becoming frustrated and disengaged in the process.

“This increases the rates of accidental non-disclosure which are already too high in our industry,” he said, noting the company redesigned the questions from the client’s perspective rather than a contractual or legal perspective.

The insurer ran a number of launch sessions throughout November to enable advisers to experience first-hand the efficiency gains and how the platform will improve their working experience with Partners Life.

Commenting on the launch sessions, Ballantyne said, “The overall response was extremely positive.”

Contact your Partners Life Adviser Distribution Manager for further information.