Clock Ticking on Full FAP Application Deadline


Is the FMA deadline of 30 September enough time for you to complete your application for a full licence?

  • Yes (52%)
  • Not sure (20%)
  • No (16%)
  • I have a transitional licence and won't be applying for a full licence (12%)

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The FMA has set 30 September 2022 as the target date by when all transitional financial advice providers should apply for their Class 1 or Class 2 full licences. For Class 3 licence applicants, the target date is 30 June 2022.

John Botica, FMA Director of Market Engagement, says all financial advice provider transitional licences expire on 16 March 2023 and that by getting an application in early, applicants will have the best chance of their full licence application being processed before their transitional licence expires.

Botica urges advice business owners to get started soon. But is the lead-in time long enough?