Will You Join Financial Advice NZ?


Do you intend to apply for membership of Financial Advice New Zealand?

  • Yes (69%)
  • Not sure yet (21%)
  • No (10%)

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Our latest poll asks your intentions about joining Financial Advice New Zealand.

Scheduled to open its doors from 1 July this year, it’s been confirmed the foundation membership application process for advisers is set to commence next month (see: Financial Advice NZ Member Applications to Open in May).

A single association representing the voice of all NZ financial advisers should deliver:

  • A more powerful and influential message to the Government and its regulators
  • A more focussed agenda when it comes to its relationship with individual institutions and the Financial Services Council
  • A more universal and co-ordinated message to the Kiwi consumer about the value of advice

The creation of Financial Advice New Zealand will be viewed by many advisers across the Tasman as an achievement beyond the capacity of the Australian advice community, where cultural and other historical barriers that separate Australia’s two marquee adviser associations will prevent a similar initiative for the foreseeable future.

Many advisers taking this poll will already be a member of the PAA, IFA or NZFAA. There may also be many who are not members of any of these or other associations. Either way, however, after two years of engagement, consultation, industry feedback and planning, we’re interested to know whether you’re intending to become a foundation member of Financial Advice New Zealand.

If you’re going to join, how do you think your membership may deliver value for you? If you’re not intending to join, what needs to change so that you would consider joining in future?

Cast your vote, make your voice heard and we’ll report back to you next week…