New Marketing Automation Tool Launched For Risk Advisers


New Zealand based company, Advisor Promoter, recently launched a marketing automation tool specifically aimed at insurance advisers.

The team of marketers have developed a system that can automate tasks and generate new leads, freeing up advisers’ time to focus on client relationships.

The marketing solution includes:

  • Leads delivered in real-time to your smartphone
  • Clients booking appointments direct into your calendar
  • Event reminders
  • Fully automated marketing to build customer relationships and generate leads
  • Leveraging local media articles for lead generation
  • Multi channel marketing covering email, sms and social media
Advisor Promoter CEO, Damian McDonald

Advisor Promoter CEO, Damian McDonald, said the idea arose from his own experience with the insurance sector as a customer, where he hadn’t been contacted by his current adviser for five years and received a random call from another adviser about reviewing his insurance.

In a post on his website, McDonald explained how this became the foundation for developing Advisor Promoter.

“I met with the new advisor who raised a concern about some of the cover that I already had in place so I decided to send an email to my current advisor to get clarification,” he said.

“Needless to say, the old advisor was on the doorstep the next day to rebuild the relationship and try and keep the business. This should never have got to this point, a system should have been in place to keep the relationship and keep me informed of the value proposition of my current policies.”

Moberate powers the technology behind the Advisor Promoter offering.