Asteron Life Links Health Insurance Options to Life Cover Applications


Asteron Life has announced new system changes to enable advisers to connect clients’ health insurance with Asteron Life’s personal insurance cover, which it claims will significantly reduce the application times for customers.

The insurer has approved linking forms to nib and Accuro so advisers can now link clients’ health and life information together.

Advisers with Southern Cross agencies will also now be able to access health insurance quote tools within the AsteronConnect platform.

Asteron Life Executive Manager Life Distribution, Graham Hill

Commenting on the change, Asteron Life Executive Manager Life Distribution, Graham Hill, said, “Many customers are seeking advice on a full range of insurance products from their adviser, or wanting to package together life and health covers in one application, but getting all of their cover from one provider is not always possible or always the best solution.”

Hill said that for customers who want life and health insurance it can be burdensome to fill in full applications for both covers.

Customers will now be able to work with advisers to complete their details on AsteronConnect, and then package that information together with a short linking form that has supplementary information required by Accuro and nib.

“Linking forms like this gives customers who want Asteron Life cover options for where to place their health insurance, while significantly reducing the time it takes to apply,” said Hill.

He added that a key focus for Asteron Life was making it easier for advisers to do business with Asteron Life, while still meeting the needs of their clients, and that adding the health linking form was a small but positive step to support them.