Bright Ideas Shared at MDRT Global Conference


Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) held its first ever Global Conference in Sydney this week.

The four day conference drew in over eight thousand delegates from across the world, giving them a packed program of esteemed speakers and experts, focus sessions and a unique environment to share ideas and network with fellow advisers.

A particular standout of the conference was MDRT Speaks, a three hour session involving fast-paced presentations from 21 MDRT members from around the world. They shared their wisdom on how to build lasting relationships with clients, time management, refining business process, mentoring and changing small habits to make a big impact.

Key takeaways included:

  • Build stronger, lasting client relationships through small gifts of food that is convenient, personalized and unique, a token of appreciation showing your client that you care.
  • Take care of existing clients and your referrals will skyrocket and you will have more time for business. Client services gives your clients more benefits and they become happier and client management creates new experiences for them.


Kiwi presenter and 20 year MDRT member, Emily Tsai, explains that happy clients are loyal clients
  • The importance of individual effort but remembering the benefits of a support system and the power of determination and discipline.
  • The freedom of no – knowing when to say no to prospective client to make the best use of your time and not engaging with clients who are not a good fit for your business.
  • Keep a personal, daily gratitude diary and you will increase productivity, reduce stress and be happier.
Australian presenter and 11 year MDRT member Jenny Brown on positivity and staying on track
  • Conduct an annual SWOT analysis to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your business.
  • Colour code your business activities: red = no business, yellow = admin/preparation, green = business and automatically colour code your calendar app. Staying in the green means your business is going forward.
Glen Wong, five year MDRT member from Hong Kong, speaks on changing habits
  • The 1% Change – Small changes when repeated will have a big impact on your business. Take 15 minutes per day to see how to improve an aspect of your business eg. a client meeting and you’ll be 365% better by the end of the year, with improved business processes and deeper relationships with clients.
  • Insure yourself before advising anyone to personally demonstrate the value of insurance.
  • The Four C’s Formula of Mentoring – Commitment, Courage, Capability, Confidence. But remember not to lead them down the easy path but to help them see what’s on the other side of the hill to forge their own path.
Brian Heckert, former MDRT President and 30 year member and mentor to his son, Brandon Heckert, speaking on mentoring for the generations
21 MDRT members from around the world share their wisdom during MDRT Speaks

Look out for our wrap article on the MDRT Global Conference next week.