Cigna NZ Relaxes Rules On Working While Claiming


Cigna New Zealand has changed the definitions and benefits of its income, mortgage repayment, complete disablement, trauma and premium covers.

Among the changes is the addition of a 10 hour disability definition to its income, mortgage repayment and premium covers.

The change means its customers can work in their pre-disability occupation for up to 10 hours a week and still qualify for a total disability benefit, although any income earned will be deducted from the benefit payable under the policy.

The insurer has extended cover to tumours showing malignant changes of carcinoma in situ (including cervical dysplasia CIN-1, CIN-2 and CIN-3) or which are histologically described as premalignant or non-invasive if clients undergo radiotherapy or systemic chemotherapy treatment.

The company has also removed the 14 days initial period of total disability criteria under its total disability benefit, and the seven days initial period of total disability criteria under its partial disability benefit.

This, says the insurer, has improved the claimability of this cover “…meaning you are more likely to qualify for a claim payment”.

In addition, Cigna NZ has added an additional scenario for a return to work benefit claim. Now, if a client has been accepted for a Vocational Retraining or Rehabilitation Benefit that resulted in them returning to full time employment or self-employment, clients can now get extra financial support under the insurer’s Return to Work Benefit.

Cigna General Manager Strategy and Marketing Simon Tohill says: “It’s our priority to support advisers and our collective customers with sustainable product solutions that they can trust will support them in the long term.

“We’ll be continuing to make improvements over the coming months in line with adviser feedback and market developments.”

Download the full scope of changes here.